• Posted on: 27 December 2012
  • By: gordon

I am excited to present you this sneak peak of the upcoming film photography web show Pdexposures.

Interview with Nate Matos founder of

Hi Nate! I'm a big fan of your film photography themed youtube videos and your
book documenting your 365 Project using Polaroid film. What made you
decide to expand your youtube channel into

I've always enjoyed talking shop with other photographers. Many people see the existing YouTube channel as a collector just talking about gear. While I enjoy talking about cameras and lenses as much as the next guy, film and the developers that go with it, subjects and themes in photography and why we are attracted to film are all subjects of huge interest to me. That was what made us wish to expand into a more varied show for film photographers.

I like your unique take on subjects like Polaroid Week. Your use of
Polaroid instant slide film was fun and creative. What will make unique?

Thank you! It was nerve wrecking at first but quickly became one of my most looked forward to times of the year. This will be the first channel of it's kind. People talking about and reviewing cameras sometimes 100 years old as if they were released yesterday. You will get to see the cameras being used in real world applications, rather than in front of a webcam. Mix in some how to's, interviews, and general tom foolery and you have Pdexposures.TV!

That is exciting. One of my favorite cameras is a Kodak camera that is
a little over 100 years old. How old is the oldest camera you will be

It really all depends on what people ask for and what we can get our hands on. The oldest camera currently in my collection is a 1904 Seneca 5x7 which will certainly get some love. But we will be talking about so much more than cameras. So the flash gun I own that dates to the late 1800s may pop up as well!

Are you planning on having a set schedule or will episodes be released
as they are ready?

Our current order is for 10 episodes. Weather or not it is continued beyond that is up to the viewers! The new style of show takes a lot of time, planning and production work. So we are testing the waters with a limited run of 10 carefully selected shows that will cover a wide range of topics! Episodes will be released every Wednesday starting in early 2013!

That is exciting. Can you tell me anything about the first show and
when it will be available?

Right now we are working on a surprise launch video, but it all depends on if we can get our hands on the camera in time. The first episode will be available on January 9th, two weeks from today!

Thanks Nate!

For more information visit the Pdexposures facebook page.