Ilford launches darkroom directory

  • Posted on: 17 January 2014
  • By: gordon

Wooohooo! Another place to find darkrooms and places to print your photos!

Press Room Story


7th January 2014
Local Darkrooms Light Up the World with web logo

In 2013 ILFORD PHOTO conducted an on line survey via social media networks and with members of APUG. The results confirmed that there are many photographers using film that have no direct access to a darkroom but would like to find one locally. It also highlighted that there are hundreds of private home darkrooms worldwide where the owners may be willing to share their facilities.

HARMAN technology Limited committed to providing a website for the photographic community where the aim is to connect photographers without a darkroom with those who do. The result is Public and Community darkrooms are encouraged to make a free listing of their location and facilities. Professionals who teach darkroom techniques are also able to make an entry.

Private darkroom owners who are willing to share their facilities can register. If you are looking for a darkroom and there is none listed in the area you want you can place a 'marker' to indicate your interest. Doing so may prompt someone who had not registered to do so and get in touch or may bring groups of photographers together in a common quest. Rest assured that if you are the owner of a private darkroom, or someone looking for one, your personal details are not revealed. You can decide to do that only if contact is made using the Local Darkroom Messaging Service. There are no charges for registration.

HARMAN are really pleased with the progress so far considering the launch was first announced on Christmas Eve. There are over 200 successful entries from all around the world. As the numbers grow it will no doubt become a most valuable resource to find a local darkroom when photographers travel around the world for work or pleasure.

Visit and make your entry.
It will not cost you anything but could be of benefit.