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Ilford Lab Direct comes to the USA


Ilford Lab Direct, the online photo lab arm of the venerable film manufacturer ILFORD PHOTO has begun offering film developing and printing services in the United States. This is awesome news because it shows ILFORD PHOTO's commitment to traditional black and white film photography.

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Press Release


28th August 2013

ILFORD LAB DIRECT establishes process and print outlet in California USA for traditional silver gelatin black and white images
HARMAN technology Limited, the company behind the ILFORD brand of black and white photographic products is pleased to announce the availability of processing and printing services in California, USA. Serving North America, is now ready to accept film orders by mail.

Established in the UK, the service based at the HARMAN factory in England has ran successfully for over 15 years. This Mail Order service was originally introduced to satisfy amateur and hobbyist photographers who found it difficult to have their films processed and printed on real black and white silver gelatin photo paper at a local facility. With the advent of digital imaging fewer mini labs had the capability to print real black and white, preferring to print on colour paper. The ILFORD LAB service can process any make of black and white film, and prints will be made on ILFORD black and white paper. Each film is processed with a unique development time to obtain optimum contrast and density. Develop and Print turnaround is normally 2-3 working days in the lab. Regular 4 x 6 inch prints are returned by mail, or special delivery, in a sturdy ILFORD presentation box. A range of upgrades and enlargements are also offered, including three levels of quality for scanning black and white negatives.

ILFORD Process Paid mailers are available from popular photographic dealers, alternatively customers can now use the secure website to pay for film processing online. Dealers interested in stocking the Mailers should contact or HARMAN technology at 888 372 2338 extension 106.

HARMAN Director of Marketing and North American Sales, Steven Brierley, explained, β€œIt has become more and more difficult for black and white film users to have their films processed and printed to a high quality on real black and white paper. Our Lab based at the HARMAN factory in England has provided a continuous quality service to UK photographers for many years, and we are seeing an increased number of enquiries from overseas, including North America. We are excited to announce that built on that success we can now offer the same service from a base in California.”

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