4 reasons to get excited about season 2 of FILM

  • Posted on: 11 August 2013
  • By: gordon

The second season of Framed Network's acclaimed web series about film photography will debut at the end of August. Here are four reasons to be excited.

It is a show all about film photography

Sadly, this is exciting in and of itself. It isn't easy to make money creating content that promotes film photography so I applaud Framed for putting effort into something that might not turn a profit.

Two new film photographers will be joining the acclaimed cast

The cast from season 1.

In addition to the original hosts, two acclaimed photographers, Jan Scholz and Jonas Peterson will join the cast for season 2. All five hosts have received numerous accolades and their work has been featured in major publications.

Ryan Muirhead

Facebook: Ryan Muirhead Photography

Tanja Lippert

Blog: http://tanjalippert.blogspot.com/

Tia Reagan

Blog: http://freebirdstyling.blogspot.com/

Jan Scholz

Facebook: Jan Scholz

Jonas Peterson

Blog: http://jonaspeterson.com/

The episodes are packed full of useful info

The show covers some great topics and has tips that even the most seasoned film photographer will find useful. My favorite episode from season 1 is episode 2 - Lightwalk.

This season is sponsored by Kodak

This year has been tough for Kodak and it is great to see the film division overcome some of their issues to find new ways to promote their products. I imagine that with this sponsorship they are setting the stage for a really fantastic film photography revival. I expect to see a lot of beautiful things made with Ektar, Portra and Tri-X.

Why are you excited about season 2 of Framed Network's FILM?

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