Find Film For Your Camera

Most consumer film camera used 35mm, 110, Instamatic, disc or Polaroid film. Not all of those film formats are still produced but you can usually find expired film on ebay.

Formats Still Manufactured

You can still find fresh film for you camera if it uses these film formats.

Instant Film

Polaroid 100
Polaroid 600: a new emulsion by Impossible.
Polaroid Spectra/1200 Image: Film for Polaroid Spectra, Procam and Polaroid 1200 printer.
Impossible Project 8x10: integral film for Polaroid 8x10 backs.

Discontinued Film Types & Sizes

It is still possible to find film for cameras that use these film film formats that have been discontinued.

Polaroid 500: Film for Polaroid 500 cameras, Joycam and the Polaroid 500 printer.
Polaroid iZone 100 & 200: pocket sticker film
Polaroid Roll Film: film for Polaroid's early roll film cameras.
220 film
Disc film
APS Film

Unique Film Types

Kodak Aerochrome: unique false color infrared film.

Classic Film Cameras

Leica M4-P: classic early rangefinder.
Leica M5: the rangefinder that almost killed Leica.
Leica M6: the classic film rangefinder.