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Find Common Film Types & Sizes

Most consumer film camera used 35mm, 110, Instamatic, disc or Polaroid film. Not all of those film formats are still produced but you can usually find expired film on ebay.

Film for Kodak Cameras

Check The Brownie Camera Page for information about finding film for Kodak cameras.

Rare Film Sizes

Confused about what size film your camera takes? Check out this blog post on film sizes.

If you are unsure about what size film your cameras takes, it is probably listed on the back somewhere near where you put the film in. Here are some "common" rare film sizes.

Film for Polaroid & Instant Film Cameras

They still do make film for Polaroid cameras it just costs more and takes more effort.
For information about what type of film your instant film camera uses check out the land list and their guide to Polaroid cameras and film.
Polaroid 8x10
Polaroid 500
Polaroid 600
Polaroid iZone
Polaroid Spectra
Impossible Project
Fuji 4x5 Peel Apart Film
Fuji FP-100C
Fuji FP-100B
Polaroid Instant Slide Film
Polaroid Roll Film