5 Ways You Can Help Save Film Photography Right Now

  • Posted on: 7 June 2017
  • By: gordon

I have been promoting film photography for over six years now which is nearly an eternity in internet time. 



Buy Film

Companies make film because you buy it. The easiest way to ensure that companies continue to produce film is to buy fresh film. 

Buy Film Cameras

What fun is film if you don't have a camera to shoot it in? Buy new film cameras - even from Lomography - and the film photography community will stay healthy.

Develop Your Film

Stockpiling your exposed film is fun and makes for great instgram flat lays but it won't keep C-41 machines humming. Spending money on film processing ensures that photo labs will continue to offer film developing services. Without accessible film developing 

Teach A Friend!


Friends don't let friends HDR! Truth. Turn your friends into film photography addicts and it 

Donate To A Community Darkroom

Community darkrooms are awesome places that allow film fanatics young and old the opportunity to perfect the craft of traditional film photography. Donate money, old gear, and your time to keep film photography vibrant in your community.