Believe In Redscale!

  • Posted on: 3 January 2015
  • By: gordon

You and your awesome film photography loving friends.

A celebration of the unfathomable beauty created by loading film in your camera backwards. You can make your own redscale film or buy it pre-made.

The month of February, 2015.

Tag your tweets and photos with wherever fine hashags are used. A preference will be made for posts in the the February forum and on twitter.

Suggested Weekly Themes

Go Green!

Week 1
Begin your exploration of redscale film by photographing lots of green things. You'll be surprised by just how cool it looks.


Week 2
Buildings and compositions with strong geometry look great with redscale film.


Week 3

A great excuse to go to the beach or play in the snow! Redscale film will turn grey winter days into amazing alien landscapes.


Week 4
Stay out late with your camera! Redscale at night is challenging and fun.

Other Questions

Can I just do it digitally?
Nope. Redscale film only.

What if I'm completely new to film photography can I still join in?
Yes, please. We are an awesome bunch of crazy film heads who love to show others the joy we find in film photography.

If I'm a business, is it ok to promote my redscale items using the hashtag?

Yes, please do. The goal of is to connect people who love film photography with awesome film photography products made by companies that choose to engage with the community in an appropriate and professional manner.

Is there a certain film or camera combination I should use?
You can use any film/camera combo you like so long as it is redscale!

What if I think redscale is lame?
We can't help you with that.

What if I'm late to the game?
You can fall in love with redscale film anytime of the year even if it isn't February. Feel free to redscale up your life whenever but for maximum awesomeness aim for February, 2015.

How can I help if I don't want to shoot redscale?
Easy! Share this page with your film photography loving friends.