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Polaroid 8x10 Film Links & Tips

Polaroid 8x10 Film Info

Like Polaroid 600 film but much much bigger.

Polaroid 8x10 film list from Polaroid Passion.

Polaroid 8x10 with Mat Marrash

Polaroid 8x10 photos on Tumblr.

Impossible 8x10 Film Links

Tim Mantoani shoots the first lot of Impossible's new integral 8x10 instant film.

8 Things You Should Know About B&W 8x10 Film

The Mijonju Show - How to shoot the Impossible PQ film with an 8x10

Flickr group devoted to Impossible 8x10 film.

Flickr group discussions of Impossible 8x10 film.

8x10 with Impossible PQ film & emulsion lift.

Impossible PQ 8x10 Film Tutorial

Impossible PQ 8x10 Color Shade Review

Polaroid 8x10 Processors Links

Polaroid processor manual.

Process Polaroid 8x10 film without a processor.

Polaroid 8x10 Film For Sale