Polaroid 600 Film & Cameras

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Millions of cameras were manufactured that used Polaroid 600 film. Landlist has a great compilation of Polaroid 600 cameras. Quite a few celebrities cut their teeth making advertisements for Polaroid. Learn how to manipulate Polaroid 600 film in the this cool flickr pool. Impossible makes a replacement for Polaroid 600 film. You can learn about it on their website. Throughout the years, Polaroid made quite a few awesome cameras that used 600 film. The Barbie, Taz and Spice Girls cameras were all awesome in their own way.

Polaroid 600 Cameras

Millions of cameras exist that use Polaroid 600 film this is just a short list. 

Polaroid 600 Taz Edition: this legendary camera was the height of Polaroid technology.

Polaroid Impulse: ugly Polaroid 600 camera that was an update of an SX/70 camera.

Polaroid SLR 690: the slr design of an SX/70 but updated for 600 film. 

Polaroid Sun: a semi-pro Polaroid with flash and sonar autofocus. 

Polaroid Film Types

Polaroid 600 film was also marketed in a professional version called 779.


Polaroid 600 Film For Sale

Where to buy Polaroid film. If you don't wish to purchase your Polaroid 600 film from Impossible, the next best place is ebay.