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Anyone still shooting 35mm film?


I am curious if anyone is shooting 35mm film and mFT here?
It has been above 8 years since I last shot film, which is when I got my first DSLR, the FT E-410. I have sold all my 35mm film gear except an OM-1, and have only a few OM lenses - 28, 35, 55, along with a collection with other mounts collected for adapting to digital.
I have been given some ISO 200 colour print film, and still have a bulk roll of Ilford FP4+, so I've considering trying film again, even though I know it is very expensive to process these days, and I don't have a decent film scanner, so it's about $20CDN/roll to process and scan at decent quality.
Part of my thought process here is to see how I get along with "full frame" gear again, and the necessary slowing down of things that will come along with it - no IBIS (unless I get an A7II), no AF (unless I spend $$), so more tripod use necessary, much less spontaneous captures. But this might (probably) be a good thing...
I was also given a Zeiss Ikon Contessa which I haven't tried, so am curious about that, along with wanting to try my 55/1.2 with film, to at least see the results in native FOV.
So who here still shoots with film, and what does it deliver for you?
Please help.
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