Leica Sofort First Impressions

  • Posted on: 25 March 2017
  • By: gordon

I took advantage of a sweet eBay deal and bought myself an orange Leica Sofort.  That means two things: I'm crazy and I'm now a Leica owner. 

Leica Sofort

  • The Leica Sofort is very similar to the Instax Mini 90 but is not an exact copy.
  • The Leica Automatik-Hektor lens is sharp but not much sharper than the lens on the Mini 90. 
  • The ability to select the focus by twisting the lens is really useful and the results are similar to Landscape mode on other Instax cameras. 
  • There are some usability improvements that immediately make the Leica Sofort superior to other Instax cameras.
  • The camera is made out of semi-premium plastic but doesn't feel as naughtily enjoyable to touch as the black Instax Mini 8. 
  • I don't know why any Instax camera has a macro mode but the macro mode on the Leica Sofort is good fun. 

Leica Sofort Tips

  • Always turn off the flash.
  • Don't spend money on Leica branded film.
  • Don't worry about dropping it because I dropped mine into a river and it was fine.