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Leica M6 Links & Tips

Used Leica M6 Rangefinders Prices

A link dump to end all link dumps. So much Leica M6 content it will take you years to consume all of it.

Leica M6 History

Stephen Gandy's Leica M guide. I bought my first rangefinder from him. His website is a really great resource for anyone interested in rangefinder cameras.

The Leica History A great history of Leica Camera starting with Barnack's camera and moving forward. If you are a Leica fanatic you'll love it.

A visual Introduction on various Leica M6 Series rangefinder camera models.

Classics of everyday design No 63: The Leica M6 Why the Leica M6 is so great and still worth buying in the age of (gross) digital cameras.

Leica M6 Reviews

Can you review the perfect camera? [Review] Used Leica M6

Ken Rockwell does the M6.

Revisiting A Classic: The Leica M6

Leica M6 or Used Voigtlander Bessa R4M

Leica MP vs Leica M6

Leica M6 vs Leica Monochrom

Leica M6 Photographers

A fabulously incomplete list of photographers who have used a Leica M6.

10 Photographers Share Their Favorite Pictures Shot with a Leica M Rangefinder

Famous Leica Users

Celebrities with Their Leica Cameras

Pantheon of famous photographers who used Leica cameras:

Leica M6 Hacks & Modifications

Kanto will modify your M6.

Show Your Customized Leica M

Some really cool custom used Leica cameras. A Penchant for Pimping...Customizing my Leica M6, Olympus OM10, X Pro-1 and Nikon V1

Leica M6 Custom Covering Kit

1981 "Leica M6 Electronic" Prototype

Leica M6 correction lens eyepiece

Leica M6 Rangefinder Links

Leica M6 TTL review by Ken Rockwell.

Leica M6 review in the Washington Post.

Leica M6 manual from Leica M guide at Cameraquest.

Leica M6 vs Leica Monochrom at

Guide to the Leica M system from LavVidaLeica.