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Leica M5 Links & Tips


The ugly rangefinder that can.

Leica M5 History

The Leica M5: Leitz's big ugly failure, or not...

The M5. Leica’s Misunderstood Masterpiece: A Revisionist History

Leica M5: yesterday's outcast, today's star?

Leica M5 advertisements from 1971.

Leica M5 Links

Leica M5 -

Leica M5 Flickr group

Leica M5 Facebook page

Leica M5 brochure.

Leica M5 Photographers

List of famous Leica M5 photographers on rangefinderforum.

Junku Nishimura: The Midnight Boozer with a Leica M5

Leica M5 Reviews

Video Review Of the Leica M5

Leica M5 in Black Chrome - Mini Review and Appraisal

Leica M5 the Ugly Duckling

Leica M5 review from 1972.

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