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  • Posted on: 19 March 2017
  • By: gordon

Optiko Analogue Photography Journal

Hello. We are Optiko. We collaborate with amateur photographers from all over the world to share their analogue photographs on our website and in our printed publications. We are planning our first printed journal for later this year. It will be building on what we have achieved with our previous publications, but offering more content, inspiration and value money for our readers. With the support of our many contributors and pledges through this project, we will produce a quality 280 page, professionally printed journal that will feature articles, photo essays, interviews and many of the outstanding photographs that have been submitted to us. Optiko was created in 2011 by Steve King (later joined by his brother Adam) as an online project, to highlight the work of the many analogue photographers that we were aware of, but also to allow other photographers to share their work on our Flickr group pool.

I really dislike kickstarter but I can say without a doubt that the Optiko Journal deserves your hard-earned kickstarter dollars. Steve, the founder, is a nice guy and I treasure the few issues of Optiko I've been lucky enough to own. Throughout the years, Optiko has supported the work of many #BelieveInFilm photographers and I believe we should return the favor as best we can. At least RT this.