Photographic Exquisite Corpse Project: Pinhole Collective Project


Hi There!

I am new to pinhole photography, but I would like to share my passion of this way of shooting. That is why i would like to launch a photographic exquisite corpse project.

The principle is very simple: I have built a 4x5 inches camera ( don't laugh!). I will start a story with three or four pictures and then send this camera to the next one and so on. Little by little, the participants will send me their pictures to create the story. Only the beginning will be known. I need about 20 to 25 pinhole photographers with 4 pictures for each one maximum. A tiny text under the pictures would be great too.

The story will be published in a TUMBLR blog. If I find the funds, why not a collective book?

You can have more info here: and check the page concerning this project.

Thank you for your attention!