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While it still exists I'd like to try out some infrared film. I have some 120 Ilford SFX 200 which I was going use in my Holga.

My question is to people who shoot infrared film, what is your favorite method to do it?

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I have used SFX once,with mixed results, although tbh that may be because the damned filter company sent me a filter other than the one I wanted (an R72). There was a hint of IR there but not enough to make it obvious.

I am going to have another go with Rollei Superpan (which I had for non IR reasons) and a proper R72 filter. I must admit to being pretty inexperienced with it but I understand that bracketing is important as judging exposure times can be extremely difficult.

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This was my best SFX image BTW. Nice but without a sufficiently dark red filter it wasn't super IR-y.

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Thanks. Regardless of the IR-ness that is a great photo.

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I have a roll of Efke IR820 waiting to be used. I need to get an IR filter first, though. I've heard you can stack 3 or so red filters, too (who knows?). I put out an inquiry on Twitter and consensus seemed to be rate the film at ISO 1-2.5 while using the filter.

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ISO 1-2.5 is super slow but I like the challenge.

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I had a look into what IR film is still available and came up with this lot:

+ Efke IR820 available in normal and AURA versions (Maco IR820c Precision Infrared film) This film is getting rare now as manufacturing of it has been halted since 2012.

+ Rollei Infrared IR400

+ Ilford SFX200 film which isn't a true infrared film but does have some extended sensitivity to infrared up to 740nm.

+ Rollei Retro 80S is also red sensitive to 750nm which puts it in about the same class as the Ilford SFX200 film.

+ Ilford Delta 3200

Have a look at the blog post I wrote avout shooting IR film:

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You mention Ilford 3200 - how so?

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