"I Was A Pioneer" Box Set of Polaroid Images


This project is about all the photos that would never see the daylight otherwise. They are scratched and beat up. Have spills of food and coffee. And beach sand from countless coastal trips pressed firmly into their emulsion.

I started using impossible film in 2010 when it was still in its testing phase. The Saturated pictures they created were truly surreal... work of art themselves. The unpredictable nature of the medium proved just as addicting as actually getting the show. It inspired me to begin using the film exclusively for the last year.

I wanted for all of them to be presented together in one body of work to show how ever a throw away photograph has value. As a whole they represent everything that's right about photography. The enjoyment of it not for the pictures sake but because of the whole action.

It satisfies my senses, I hope it satisfies yours.

Collection Release Date: 05/01/2014

"I Was A Pioneer" is the epitome of DIY. From the hand logo-ed boxes, and reproduced Polaroid prints, to the story of my journey with instant film. It will capture your imagination through live music, scenic landscapes, and intimate portraits.

Each Limited Edition Hand Logo-ed Bamboo Box Contains:
- 92 Prints of Polaroids shot between 2010-2013 printed on 110 pound paper.
-Encased in a beautiful scenic wrap with Impossible Film's history.
-A Hand numbered insert of my story behind my love for instant film.
-Laid upon a hand made padded felt bottom that will showcase the photos for years to come.
-Limited Edition of 25 Copies.

Pre Orders:
All Pre-Orders will come with 4 hand signed original polaroids from the collection. Pre-Orders will ship 05/01/2014.