The Missions of California: a New Look in Vintage Film


Video of Missions shot so far:

The Missions of California a New Look in Vintage Film is a photo series documenting the California Missions, in rich analogue film using expired films, false color films, and vintage cameras depicting the missions more than as beautiful historical places, but as they exist and thrive today in deeply saturated images.

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Many of these films are very rare and no longer produced. Much of the color infrared film I use is hand cut and hand rolled from film originally intended for aerial photography and discontinued in 2007. Funding this project will help make it possible for these beautiful and unique films to be used capturing the uniqueness of our California Missions.

The end result will be a gallery photo series representing the whole of the California Missions, mounted on acrylic glass, metal, and metalic print papers intended to capture a bright vivid sense of the experience of the Missions. There are 21 Missions in total, and so far I’ve captured 5.

Vintage film and false color photography

Inspired by the color and spatial distortions of vintage film photography and its effect on how we understand the subject, I work with vintage film cameras, expired films, false color films (such as infrared), and cross development processes to capture the subject in deeply saturated images rendering them with a dreamlike quality.

Expired films and cross-processing expired films creates richly saturated images, with colors that aren't present in the subject. Likewise infrared films, both B&W and color, capture light in the infrared spectrum invisible to the naked eye giving the overall effect a dreamlike representation. Similarly I use vintage medium format cameras, and vintage lenses adding to the overall effect of rendering the subject not as it's experienced but as it might be imagined.

Video of cameras I'll be using for this project:

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About Me

Originally an oil painter, I was inspired by the color and spatial distortions of vintage photography and their effect on how we understand the subject. I work with vintage film cameras, expired films, false color films and development processes to render the subject not as it's experienced but as it may be imagined.


My work has been included in the following:
•Analog Life Expositie, At the BAZtille, Netherlands, 2012 sponsored by the Touche Collective
• The Story of the Creative NYC, August 2013
• Creatives Rising NYC, October 2013

You can view more of my other work online at

I've been a creative professional for over 14 years, beginning as a web and graphic designer in the hi-tech industry, working latter as an art director in the consumer products industry, and most recently in nonprofit as the creative director for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, one of the largest community foundations in the country, where I was part of a multiple-award-winning team.

Kickstarter support
I love the idea of, where funded projects kickback 5% of profits from the sale of kickstarter funded products to other Kickstarter projects. If funded I'll look forward to participating in this program and helping other projects funded.