Tierra Natal | Giving Heirlooms with Instant Film | Durango, Mexico


My name is Francisco Chavira. I am a 20 year old photographer from Sacramento, California. One of the few things I have wanted from life is to be able to have a full understanding of who I am. This is a goal I am sure we all have. I have realized the one thing I am missing to truly know who I am, is knowing where I come from. I was born in Santiago Papasquiaro, Durango, Mexico. At age 3 we immigrated to the States for a better life. Since then I have had opportunities in life I can only dream of! Things that I could have not had if I still lived in Mexico. Yet there has always been a disconnect between where I was raised and where I was born, in more ways then one.

My biological father passed away in a tragic accident when I was a few months old. So, there is an entire side of my family I have yet to meet and have only spoken with a few over the phone. I also have very few memories of what my hometown is like and the people there. I have no clue about the history of my homeland because I was taught the history of a country I am now a part of. I also feel like I have not shared the opportunities I have had because I was raised somewhere else.

I feel such a gratitude because of the new life my parents and the country I am a part of gave me. A life people dream of. This is my your chance and mine to give back. I plan to give back heirlooms to the people I meet along the way. I want to give instant film portraits to these people, many of which have never had a professional portrait taken because of the high cost. Instant film as we all know has the power of giving back instantly. This is why I need your help! Through the awesomeness that is Kickstarter, your help is not just thanked in words but by rad stuff as well!

I ask your help in spreading the word of my project and taking a peek at my projects homepage! The power of social media is invaluable to my project and I ask for tweet or post! Please follow me on twitter ()to keep up with me and tag me so I can personally THANK YOU! There is a cool video and some rad rewards, check it out here!