HIP project. A worldwide pinhole project.


"HIP" project (this project is to be paid from crowdfunding)
A project for pinhole photographers.

With the "HIP" project I want to show the differences and similarities between people. In different parts of the world. We are all human beings with big differences. And yet the same need for certain things. Basic needs, in which we human beings are the same. We all have a need for love, attention, safety, esteem, water etc. Analog pinhole photography is also basic. No frills, no finery, shows like it is. To maintain that thought, every participating pinhole photographer must take pinhole photos of certain items. For all participating pinhole photographers the same items and photographed in the same way. That's the whole idea of the "HIP" project. The same in differences, different in the same.
What will be in the book:
20-24 photographers, 24 photos per photographer and an introduction. There will be a list of about 30 items to photograph. 24 items will be chosen for the book. All photos must be made with the same distance to the subject, height, angle, about the same light conditions etc. Pinhole cameras will be provided.
Some items to photograph:
your house - your family living there - your toilet - photo within one minute after you've woken up - you, sleeping - your favorite spot in the house - your town hall - your breakfast - your tv - your hobby - your right foot - your friend(s) - your believe - etc.

More info at: www.b-a-r-e-n-d.com/hip
Mail: mail@b-a-r-e-n-d.com