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BASE photography project. Urban space exploration in MF colour reversal film


Hi all,

I want to share with you my photography project BASE, shot entirely on medium-format colour reversal film.
I used Fuji Provia 400X, Velvia 50 and a couple of now discontinued Kodak E100 film rolls, all of them on a Fuji GA645zi rangefinder camera.

Here the synopsis of the project:

"BASE is a project on space conquer: the conquer of new urban spaces, by the man. In his galactic expansion towards city outskirts, the man in tracksuit stepped on those arid lands and converted them in parkings, leisure parks and commercial plazas. Extra-planetary bases for the conquest of a comfortable life. He created a new habitat, and painted on a wall what he could not find there, more real than reality itself. A new world is coming, and nothing will stop it."

You can support the project by contributing in the crowd-funding campaign and buy the book at a special price, at website:

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