3D Printed Pinhole Cameras!


First post.

I started making pinhole cameras 4-5 yrs ago (during a promotional test-studying procrastination attack). The first one was a precious and heavy wooden box

I made a couple more pinhole cameras, fiddled around some, invested a year of my life in paramedic school... Got back to normalcy and my Schlaboratory, bought and assembled a 3D printer kit (Printrbot) in February '13. I started designing and 3D printing various things...

Recently, the pinhole itch came back and I noticed a dearth of viable, working 3D printed camera designs. I was curious: Was it possible to 3D print a pinhole camera that actually worked? I designed a clunky chunky 35mm pinhole that works well despite its absolute lack of any vestige of beauty (needs a ver 2 restyling). I also designed 4x5 large format pinhole that received a lot of buzz in the Interwebs:

Blah blah blah, my latest camera shoots 120 film. I am delighted with both the design and the pictures it takes. I lugged it to NYC last week and shot 120 pictures that are still at the photo lab as I type this.

Great minds think alike, and a dude in TX just began a 3D printed pinhole camera Kickstarter campaign to finance his testing and design. At this writing, he still has opportunities to buy the camera and CAD files to 3D print one.

My cameras are freely available as STL files for download so that you can 3D print your own or have someone else (like a maker/hacker space) 3D print you one. You are free to alter the source files to modify the camera to your liking (i.e. add a Hello Kitty face, or change the format / focal length). They are not, however, licensed for commercial use.

PINHE4D - 35mm

PINH5AD - 4x5

P6*6 - 120

I also started a 3D Printed Camera group on Flickr; we're still a little short on members.

I hope you join us in our adventures! Thanks for looking!