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pinhole camera

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New Ilford Obscura Pinhole Kit offers just the basics

Pinhole photography expert James Guerin talks about his latest camera

[teaser]The RealitySoSubtle 141 Panoramic Pinhole camera by James Guerin I’ve been shooting 6x17 pinhole for a few years now and as soon as I would post the results on flickr people would comment how cool the results were and ask about the camera. The camera I was using was a made from balsa wood and bits and pieces I had lying around. It wasn’t pretty but it worked, and produced some nice pictures. I began to think about producing the camera for sale. [inline:photo1.jpg] [inline:photo2.jpg]

Awesome pinhole camera with 25 pinholes!

Since 2005 I've been doing lots of pinhole photography and I'm always trying to find concepts for original cameras. Last year I came up with the multi-cell pinhole camera. I had lots of old 8x10" paper that a friend had given me (Kodak Panalure select RC - not made anymore). I wasn't using it so I decided to design the camera around that.

Ilford Photo announces the introduction of the Harman Titan 8x10 Pinhole Camera

In the market for a new 8x10 camera? Look no further than the latest addition to the acclaimed Harman Titan series of large format pinhole cameras. If you want one, I'd put my order in as soon as possible because I don't expect these to be in stock for very long. Want to bask in Titan 8x10 awesomeness? Check out some example shots on flickr. Press Release BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! 20th March 2013 ILFORD PHOTO announce the introduction of the HARMAN TiTAN 8x10 Pinhole Camera

Ilford releases new pinhole camera


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