Expired Polaroid Film

Expired Polaroid Peel-apart Film

Expired Polaroid peel apart film is available on ebay and other online marketplaces. Check the expiration date because peel-apart film will dry and render it useless.

Expired Polaroid Integral Film

Polaroid integral film ages better than other forms of instant film because the film and chemicals are sealed together.

Polaroid I-Zone Film

You can find Polaroid I-Zone film for sale on ebay but be careful because expired i-zone film does not age as well as the other integral films.

Polaroid Spectra Film

Polaroid 600 Film

Polaroid 600 film was the most popular of the instant films made by Polaroid and the last to be discontinued. It is still possible to find usable Polaroid 600 film for sale online.

Polaroid Time/Zero Film

The first of the Polaroid integral films to be discontinued, Polaroid Time/Zero was known as an art film and prices for expired packs reflect that.

Expired Impossible Film

Impossible film is a whole lot of trouble when it is fresh. Therefore, I cannot encourage you to buy expired Impossible Project film because the film doesn't age as well as Polaroid film.