Cats Who Love Film Photography

  • Posted on: 7 May 2017
  • By: gordon

What did the world photograph before cats? Nothing.

Here are a few cats who love film photography as much as you do.

This cat is clearly ready to go shoot some street with that SLR and/or take a nap.

He just wants to make sure you agitate correctly.

Kitty is there to made sure your lens stays clean and your film nice and static-y.

A cat will make your film selfie even better.

Addy is by far the best cat ever.

Nothing comes between a kitty and his vintage film slr.

My cat is now pooping in the tub in the sky but during his formative years he shot street with HCB.

Let us not forget Felix who is Canada's #1 feline fan of film photography. Trudeau considers him an inspiration.