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Polaroid Type 55 Film

Polaroid Type 55 film was a unique instant film that produced both a positive and a negative with every exposure. It was discontinued when Polaroid was turned into pyramid scheme and left to implode. Sad but true.

Polaroid Type 55 Links

A new version of Polaroid Type 55 called New55 recently completed a long and difficult crowdsourcing campaign. Actually, it may still be ongoing.

Electrocuted Polaroid 55 film.

Type 55 portraits by Joel Grimes.

Polaroid 55 Film: examples and film for sale.

Could Polaroid’s Beloved Type 55 Film Return—Only Better? One Man Wants to Make It Happen

Polaroid Type 55 Videos

Tom Baril :: Polaroid Type 55 Works Project Documentation: Polaroid Type 55 at 15KV by Phillip Stearns Polaroid type 55 film that has been electrocuted. The Mijonju Show - Polaroid Sheet Film and Large Format Camera.

Polaroid Type 55 For Sale