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cahun's blog

Minolta Madness

My next piece is going to be about a black beauty, i loved this one so much i bought another one for my girlfriend. I saw it at a fleamarket one day when i just started collecting cameras. I knew the brand but i never saw this type, i just knew i had to buy it. It was my lovely Minolta Hi-Matic GF.

My Ricoh

Sometime ago i was asked to write a piece on some of my favorite film cameras. At first i "thats not that difficult" but when i got to thinking it got harder and harder, i love every single one of mine. At first i was thinking about my Lubitel 166b, my Kodak Brownie starlet, then my Canon EOS300 but finaly i knew it. This one is going to be about the Ricoh 500G.

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