Time In A Can Solarigraphy Project

  • Posted on: 7 March 2013
  • By: gordon

Time in a can Solarigraphy exhibition will be held next summer solstice 2013 in the Fundación Diario Madrid exhibitions place in Madrid, Spain.

Time in a Can is a collective photography project sponsored by Estudio Redondo from Madrid, which involves more than 50 photographers from all 5 continents. Last June, these photographers simultaneously installed the specially designed can-cameras, which have been in exposure since summer solstice 2011 to record the sun's apparent movement in the sky, thus producing the so-called solargraphs. During the next few weeks, solargraph-negatives from 15 countries worldwide will be arriving in Madrid where they will be processed.

The goal of the Time in a Can project is to bring together these solargraphs and organize an exhibition which will show both, the aesthetic power of the images, and the vast amount of information they contain. This type of photographs are strongly related with astronomy and the most primitive photographic techniques.

The cameras (the cans) were loaded with photosensitive paper that acts as a negative. Given its low sensitivity to light, long exposures are required in order to obtain a contrasted image. In this case, the solarigraphic technique takes advantage of this 'slowness', keeping the shutter open for several months and photographing 'constantly' the sun's movement. The results are striking images of an unusual appearance and an almost surreal beauty.

In addition to the technique used, the simultaneity of this collective project is of crucial importance,
i.e., the fact that all participants are shooting the sun´s movement during the same period of time from different latitudes. Thus, the images obtained will offer different views of a single natural phenomenon, something very difficult to observe without this technique.

The resulting exhibition will show the relationship between the different solargraphs. They all have the solar path as a protagonist and comparing them can reveal a lot of information: the different heights reached by the sun depending on the latitude of the camera, the sunny days and rainy winters, the seasonal changes of the trees, the water level of a reservoir... six months of time and light are stuck in each can, and all of this information is contained within the solargraphs.

The project has the support of the Association of Beverage Cans, who has provided the materials and means to build and distribute the can-cameras to our photographers worldwide. The cameras were designed by photographer Diego Lopez Calvin, a member of Estudio Redondo. Diego is one of the pioneers of solargraphy and has been building his own pinhole cameras for years, you can check his work on solargraphy here: http://solarigrafia.com

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