Rollei Redbird Creative Edition 400

  • Posted on: 17 February 2015
  • By: gordon
rollei redbird

It is redscale month, so that means a lot of a beautiful film photography.

Rollei Redbird Creative Edition

Rollei Redbird is a pre-made redscale film marketed by Maco Direct. It is marketed as an ISO 400 film but for most of the photos I shot it at 200.


No exit. They cut an art gallery in half to build this space. Of course, I hate it.


This building is new and tacky but it contains a time crack. I still hate it.


Every decent sized town in New Hampshire has at least one Louis Kahn knockoff. This is ours.

I have stolen a lot of mugs from this hotel. I really like using redscale for architecture and I like the contrast provided by Rollei Redbird at 200.


They teach physics in this space.


I love the space formed by these stairs. I walk up them a couple of times a week because the grocery store at the top has an amazing lunch deal.


Our local Louis Kahn knockoff is the result of arson that destroyed most of downtown. This light well, located at the confluence of decaying modernism and antiquity is quite nice. 10/10 would trespass again to see it.


Physical sciences. Rollei Redbird really loves architecture with strong geometry and a nice mixture of materials.

Rollei Redbird Creative Edition Stuff

Film developing and scanning was done by Old School Photo Lab.
Half the photos were taken with my cheapo Minolta 55mm lens and other with my cheap 28mm lens.
Although the college town I live in may be recognizable, I enjoy pretending I don't know anything about it. What college? Where?
A lot of the fun with this roll was forcing myself to use a normal lens in situation I would normally use a wide or superwide lens.