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Believe In Film Monthly Film Photography Themes


Welcome film photographers, lomographers and analog lovers! 2015 is going to be an excellent year for film photography because we have awesome monthly themes!

Monthly Film Photography Themes

January: Photographer's choice.

February: Redscale

March: processing!
Explore the awesomeness that is cross processing in the month of March! Process some E6 film in C41 or vice versa!

April: Old Film & Cameras!
April, my birthday month, will be all about ancient cameras and films. Pick up a vintage Kodak Brownie and develop your film in rodinal. Get ready to get ancient!

May: Prints!
Print your photos! Spend the month of May exploring ways to make hard copies of your photos! Use hashtag to join in!

June: Pinhole!

July Instant Photography
Instaxify your life with instant film month!

August: Weird/Rare.

September: Strange Brews

October: Push it good!

November: Monochrome.

December: Tropical.