Join @Shootfilmride on an Epic Film Photography Journey Across America

  • Posted on: 22 March 2014
  • By: gordon

I'm Andrew. I shoot film, ride bicycles, take trains to everywhere that I can, hike, off road, and spend a lot of time poking around in high lonely places. I spent too much of life sitting still, trying to ignore my wanderlust, and not enough rambling. I'm fixing that now.


I live a pretty charmed life. I live in a city with one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world right next door, and people are ok with you taking a day off and just going outside to play. I have easy access to over 300 miles of bike paths to explore. I can walk to the train station, step aboard, and cross the country. Above all, I am lucky enough to share my life with someone who loves doing these same things.


My work is analog. Not in the recent camera-as-fashion-accessory way. Analog is comfortable, and consistent with how the world is. Unexpected. Untidy. Worn by the tread of many feet. Polished by the touching of many hands for over a century. Rubbed smooth by the flow of water. It is not as easy as it could be, but hard things are worth doing. Always.


You can find me making pedals go around, wandering among the pines with the winds, scribbling in a notebook as the country flies past my window on the Zephyr, or exploring places that were too far, too cold, and too high up to keep. I occasionally have work in shows in Denver. On the web I can be found at, and I am most active on twitter: .