Instax Mini 90 Review

  • Posted on: 22 October 2014
  • By: gordon

This is what New England looks like in fall for about five minutes.

I'm old and crotchety which means I love brunch buffets. I decided I would test out my new Instax Mini 90 in my favorite town in Vermont that happens to be halfway between my house and a nice brunch buffet.

Late Fall

I really love how the hills in this part of Vermont remind me of that Dar Williams song about driving through Iowa.

Annie Proulx's Vermont Hilltop

Multiple Settings

What makes the Instax Mini 90 the most awesome of all the Instax cameras is that you can combine shooting modes with other cameras settings. In this photo, I turned the flash off and adjusted the lighten/darken settings to compensate for the horrible overcast sky. I could have also put the Instax Mini 90 in landscape mode too which would have rendered the scene sharper.

If I had the money and I don't plan on having it anytime soon, I would build a house a cool house on that hill. I would imagine some horrible couple of New York will someday build or defile a home built on that spot.


This is Chicken Farm Road and the site of a horrible accident in late 1980s. I used landscape mode and light to make the scene sharper and to compensate for the overcast Vermont sky.



Hardware Store
Landscape Mode + Lighten + Flash off

This was a general store but would probably be an excellent location for a hardware store once the renovations are complete. I purposely chose not to have the licence plate of the vehicle parked in front of the library in frame but as you can see it is visible. This is not bad for a non-slr camera and while it isn't perfect I can live with it.

Mason Hall
Landscape Mode + Lighten + Flash off

This is an abandoned masonic hall that I believe looks really creepy. I think it would make a great school for girls or other learning institution. I crouched down in order to accentuate the length of the driveway and Instax Mini 90 focused on the driveway and not the building. Not awful in the original print but not awesome scanned.


One of the reasons I love Fuji Instax film is that it is much easier to get good results from it than it is with Impossible film. This is especially true when it is cold outside and in Vermont it is always cold.

Death Bridge

There is an urban legend that a local newlywed couple died here when they drove their yellow Volvo wagon into the river.


I took these winter photos in about 20F weather and immediately placed them in an outside pocket of my awesome wool old man coat. After about 15 minutes, I got back in my heated car and headed for more coffee where I looked at them for the first time. I was impressed with the Instax film's ability to function in the cold weather and the Mini 90's ability to properly expose the snow covered scene.

Instax Mini 90 Conclusion

I really enjoy using the Instax Mini 90 and find it a creatively rewarding tool. I will probably keep it.

Things To Know

  • I bought my Instax Mini 90 on ebay for $100ish used.
  • Instax Mini 90 film is surprisingly easy to find in stores in Vermont.
  • Please don't ever shake a Polaroid, Polapossible or Instax photo.
  • Tim Burton loved it here.
  • This town just turned 250 years old.
  • Instax pictures look way better in person than scanned because the white border confuses the scanner.