Instax Mini 8 Tips & Hacks

  • Posted on: 24 May 2015
  • By: gordon

My very skinny friend Angel lent me her Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 to play with for a while and I thought I'd jot down some observations from the fun I had with it. TL/DR: It is an insane amount of fun.

FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Specs

60mm lens! Flash always fires. : ( 5 shooting modes. Uses Fuji Instax Mini or Polaroid 300 film.

Tips & Observations

Use the ring!


The Instax Mini 8 has small light meter located near the flash. The camera will illuminate a small LED over the appropriate setting to help you get the best results. In most instances, the meter works pretty well but feel free to ignore it if you want to get creative. The camera will default to "indoor" mode so pay attention or your photos will look washed out.

Don't fear the flash!

I HATE flash photography. I'm not kidding. However, if you use the ring, you shouldn't have difficulty getting great results from the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 even though the flash always fires. 

Affluent ferns. The flash can even work in your favor! I know, the horror. I ride my bike to this garden at The Lake Morey Resort on a regular basis and I am happy with the way the Mini 8's flash worked to even out the light.

Don't forget to use Hi-Key mode!

Hi-key combines the flash and the awesome nature of Instax Mini film to create amazing portraits. I don't have examples for this tip because I don't really like photographing people and everyone stole their portraits right after I took them. I will admit, however, that I did use the Hi-Key mode on the Mini 8 to take a photo of myself that I do not hate.

Instax Mini 8 Examples & Observations

I took this during golden hour with the camera aimed straight at the sun and the exposure settings set to full sun. [inline:instaxmini8c.jpg] Hot air balloons are the most terrifying sound in the world. They sound like a gigantic Darth Vador is floating over your house and are even more terrifying if they decide to land in your yard. I took this at dusk as a hot air balloon landed in my neighbor's yard. I prefer the Instax Mini 8 shots to the blurry photos taken by my iPhone 5c. [inline:img127.jpg] This is where I hide my bike when I ride it over to Vermont to buy heroin, I mean coffee. I like that Instax Mini 8 fits in my camera bag and doesn't feel cheap or fragile. In fact, the Mini 8 has a soft and luxurious feel to it. [inline:img126.jpg] This is the dock at the Lake Morey Resort. Instant film + subject does not always equal high art. It is pretty but better light would have made it better. Bad photos with an instant camera are still bad photos.

What are your favorite Instax Mini 8 tips?

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