Impossible Project Launches Ugly Camera

  • Posted on: 11 April 2016
  • By: gordon

The Verge is reporting that the Impossible Project has launched its first instant film camera.

The Impossible Project is best known for keeping Polaroid's type 600 instant film format alive even after it was abandoned by the long-time camera maker in 2008. The company also refurbishes old Polaroid type 600 cameras in order to resell them. But today the Impossible Project broke some new ground of its own by announcing the I-1, its very first instant camera. It comes with a suite of connected features and will be available starting May 10th for $300.

The new camera looks simple enough at first glance, with a matte black finish and minimal knobs and buttons. The I-1 has an LED ring flash around the lens, and it can handle both the original Polaroid type 600 film (which was discontinued) and Impossible Project's reverse-engineered type 600 film.

The camera is quite ugly. Ugliness aside, the camera does offer some interesting features that should help consumers have a more enjoyable time with Impossible instant film. I have used Impossible film since the beginning and love to hate it. The film is a technical miracle but I can't stand the people hired to market it. It also doesn't help that many consumers are using this product in cameras that are over 30 years old and not fully functional. This camera won't change their misguided marketing strategy, but what it will do is provide a new venue for shooting their film is that their hard work in creating a new instant film emulsion can be celebrated.