Ilford Photo Products Stand The Test Of Time

  • Posted on: 17 June 2015
  • By: gordon

If you love high quality watches and film photography this is the press release copy & paste for you! Don't let my sarcasm prevent you from gazing upon some truly beautiful photography.

Ilford Photo Press Release

Photographer Augusto Schillaci used film based photography to exhibit the latest Shinola watches at their Detroit, New York and London stores

The Gomelsky watch design by Shinola photographed by Augusto Schillaci © Image copyright Augusto Scillaci/Shinola
The Gomelsky watch design by Shinola photographed by Augusto Schillaci.

Shinola watches are crafted by hand using all traditional materials and the company wanted the photographs to be originated the same way. “At Shinola quality and dedication to craft is of utmost importance,” said Bridget Russo, Shinola CMO. “We value the process of making things and embrace analog versus digital in many things we do. We love the emotion and texture that can be achieved with shooting on film. There’s a permanence that you don’t quite get with digital.”

For that reason Dallas fine art photographer Augusto Schillaci was approached. “I’m a traditional black and white film photographer,” said Schillaci. “Film photography carries a very special place in my heart. I believe that there is nothing like the look of black and white film. Shooting the photograph is just one step into the final look of my images. I enjoy every part of the process, from choosing the film, to developing it and printing it in my wet darkroom. In the end every step defines the look of my images, and that is what I love about film.

“Shooting in black and white allowed us to focus on the shape, form, texture and light without the color distraction, not to mention that metal and reflections look great in black and white. Using film and wet darkroom printing was a way to continue their tradition of handcrafted products assuring that the final art will stand on its own. “

A variety of ILFORD films and formats were used, with the main body of this work shot on HP5 PLUS using the Hasselblad 500 CM, and final silver gelatin prints made in the darkroom on the ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB range of papers including CLASSIC, WARMTONE, and COOLTONE. The fine art finished prints are being used for the interior and exterior displays at the Shinola shops in Detroit, New York and London.

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