Micro Holga 110 Review

  • Posted on: 4 January 2015
  • By: gordon

What is the Holga 110?
The Holga 110 is a smaller version of the legendary Holga toy camera that uses 110 film.

I can neither confirm, nor deny, that is an abandoned hospital I attempted to infiltrate due to its connection to a Park Avanue double murder. I can, however, confirm this was shot on Lomography Orca 110 film and processed by OldSchoolPhotoLab.com.

What makes the Holga 110 special?
Allegedly, it contains the awesomeness of the original Holga but in a tiny form that will fit in your pocket. The "Holganess" of the camera is debatable but I owned a very similar camera as a kid, and so I'm happy to revisit the 110 format as an ancient person.

Lomography Orca 110 film in the morning.

What type of film does it use?
The Holga 110 uses 110 film which is not as easy to find as other formats but easier than 126 or Disc film. Lomography sells 110 film in color, redscale and x-pro forms. You can find plenty of deadstock on ebay.

What to do with the Holga 110?

I'm old, and I recently got my haircut similar to my favorite character in British spy drama so I thought it would be fun to be a secret agent with my Holga 110.


Holga 110 Conclusion

I'm not a very good secret agent, but using my Holga 110 was super fun, if a little expensive. The quality is low, but that is ok because I wasn't expecting it to be a Leica. My only complaint is that the Holga 110 is not actually Holga-y and is just a cheap 110 camera with Holga branding.