Hack your Fuji Instax


Instax wide photo by the talented Nashville photographer Photominimal.

I don't understand why Fuji Instax doesn't get more love. The film is great, easy to find and relatively inexpensive. The cameras aren't bad either. I decided to try and send some love in their direction by compiling a bunch of Fuji instax hacks.

Big Fuji Instax Hack List

This is a horribly incomplete list of things one can do to make their Fuji instant film cameras even more awesome than they already are.

Rolleiflex TLR Hacked To Take Fujifilm Instax Film
Who wouldn't want a TLR that takes instant film? A horrible person that is who.


Fuji Instax Mini in a Mamiya RZ67

How to add off camera flash to your Fuji Instax 200


Pinstanair - Instax film pinhole camera
Pinhole cameras are very popular these days. Now you can take awesome pinhole camera photos with your instax film.

Instax 100 with a manual twist

Modify Your Polaroid Spectra Camera to use Non-Polaroid Film
Instax film in a Polaroid seems bizarre but bam it is possible.


Use Instax film in your Kodak instant film camera
My mother had a Kodak instant film camera and a lot of my childhood was documented using one. Sadly, Polaroid sued Kodak and won making Kodak instant cameras useless. Until now!


Have you tried any of these Instax hacks? Leave a comment if you have.