David Keller's Free Portrait Project

The Free Portrait Project focuses on taking one honest B&W film portrait of anyone who wants one. For free or trade. The majority of my portraits have been free, but I have gotten lunch, guitar lessons, and my own portrait taken in exchange (to name a few things).






About David Keller

My name is David Keller, and this is how it all began. In late summer of 2012, I was shooting a roll of black and white film when I ran out of subjects to photograph. Wanting to finish the roll to see my images, I came up with a plan. I quickly rushed to a friend’s studio in downtown Portland, Oregon armed with a slab of cardboard and a sharpie. I then constructed a sign that read, “Free Portraits” and sat on the street corner. Over the next few days, I sat on street corners around town taking portraits of complete strangers, in exchange for only their name and email (if they wanted a copy of the photo).

After a long pause, the project now continues. I shoot entirely on medium format and 35mm black & white film.

I'm currently located in Portland, Oregon, but travel often. If you find yourself in the Portland area, or wondering when I'm in your city next, contact me on Facebook and we can arrange a time to take your photograph. My only rule is that each person gets just one frame. Don’t blink.

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