Best Instagram Film Photography Hashtags

  • Posted on: 21 January 2018
  • By: gordon

Use Hashtags For Instagram Fame

Did you know that by overloading your Instagram film photography posts with hashtags you can get tons of likes and therefore achieve levels of fame comparable to Kim Kardashian? You can't really, but here are some great hashtags to explore.

Popular Film Photography Hashtags

#BelieveInFilm: Obviously, the best hashtag ever used on Instagram. Or any social media platform. Not the most popular, but some of the best work and the nicest people you will encounter online. Also, we hit over 1,000,000 usages so not bad. 

#FilmPhotography: Not the most popular film photography hashtag on Instagram but with over 1,000,000 photos it is quite popular. 

#FilmIsNotDead: The undisputed Instagram king of film photography hashtags.

#ShootFIlm: Street photography oriented but not too bad.

#KodakFIlm: There is someone alive at Kodak Alaris but I couldn't tell you who is running their social media campaign these days. Good stuff with an emphasis, of course, on film made by Kodak.

#StayBrokeShootFIlm: I'm broke and I shoot film. It just fits.

#HeyFSC: Use #HeyFSC for a chance to be featured.

#Emulisve: They are new but soon someone else will be new.