BelieveInFilm Ancient Camera Challenge

  • Posted on: 27 March 2015
  • By: gordon

It is April, which means it is time to challenge yourself by using really old film and cameras. Here are some suggested activities to get your film photography challenge on.

Un Jour, Un Jour

Pick a location and photograph it using a camera from when that location was most popular or infamous. The idea is to somehow connect the age of the location or subject with your film camera.

Examples Ideas:


This is a Kodak advertisement showcasing all the awesome Kodak film cameras you can buy at Eaton to document your visit to Expo67. It would be fun to take one of them and visit the site as it exists today. Another fun activity would be to photograph a building with a film camera of the same era.

Visit a faded resort town and act like a horrible tourist with appropriate tourist camera. I hear the Poconos are beautiful this time of year.

Don't forget the Catskills! Both regions would look lovely using a 120 or Instamatic camera. I hear there is still nominally fresh Ferrania brand 126 film on ebay!

Just Like Mom Used To Make

Find a camera that was used by one or more of your parents to photograph your childhood and use it to photograph your kids. If you don't have any kids, borrow some or photograph a fur baby. If you can't use the exact same camera, the same make and model is fine.

Rollin' In It

Shoot and develop a roll of film that is the same age as you. You can even take a selfie with it, if you dare!

Where To Find Old Cameras

Your attic!
Old people.
Uniquephoto has a great used selection and sometimes has used deals.
Evil bay has an old camera section.