52 Cameras in 52 Weeks

  • Posted on: 1 January 2013
  • By: gordon

Photographer Tim William's Camera Collection

Tim Williams is a film photographer based out of Niagara Falls, Ontario. In 2013, he will be shooting with a different film camera each week and blogging about his results.

Hey Tim, I'm excited about your 52 cameras project. What made you want
to shoot one camera a week for a year?

I was thinking of a project to do in 2013 and since I am buying cameras when ever week it seems I thought it was the perfect project for me.

Will you be shooting the same film for each week? If so what made you
choose that particular emulsion?

Yes, I will be using the same film each week, I chose Ilford's HP5 because it is hands down my most favorite film I have used dating back to my collage photography days. I will also be using the same developer to keep things consistent.

I am often jealous of your thrift store camera finds. Where are you
getting your cameras from and have you already chosen all 52?

I have enough cameras to last me 30 weeks right now and I will be buying more a long the way. searching thrift stores and the internet for deals. I have also been has two close friends offer me cameras to borrow for this project. I will be making the camera choices at the end of each week. So I do not have them all picked as of yet.

Do you plan on shooting the same subject or location with each camera or will you be mixing it up as you go along?

I want to really mix this project up with different locations and subjects. Each roll will include one self portrait of me as I want to document me shooting the camera.

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