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Do It Backward! #BIFscale18

BIFscale18: A Celebration Of Redscale Film Photography

A celebration of the unfathomable beauty created by loading film in your camera backward. You can make your own redscale film or buy it pre-made.

You and your awesome film photography friends.

The month of February 2018.

Tag your tweets and photos with 8 wherever fine hashags are used. 

Eternal Glory

10 glorious photos posted on social media with the hashtag #BIFscale18 by March 15, 2018, will be entered into a contest to win eternal glory and whatever prizes I can drum up. 

Suggested Themes

BIFscale is about trying new things and experimenting with techniques you may have overlooked therefore #BIFscale18 themes are just suggestions. 

Water: water in all of its forms looks amazing when shot on redscale film. 

Green: Luxuriate in some greenery and you'll be very surprised with the results. 

Architecture: Fine an evil building and wrap it in red.