The Best 35mm Film Travel Camera

  • Posted on: 13 April 2018
  • By: gordon

Unline my Polaroid Onestep 2, when I take my Lomo LC-A places I actually take photos with it. It isn't the world's most amazing camera but I love it. I compiled a list of places I've taken my LC-A and tips to help others get the most out of the little Russian 35mm camera. 

Star Island

You can test the batteries by looking through the viewfinder and half-pressing the shutter button. If you see one light the meter is working and you are good to go. If you see two lights it means you don't have enough light to shoot handheld. If you see no lights it means your batteries are dead or need to be wiggled. On this trip my batteries were dead and my Lomo LC-A basically useless. 

TLDR: Check your batteries. 

Saint Benoit du Lac

What could be more Lomography friendly than a bunch of monks making cheese in a cool art deco monastery?  I left the Lomo LC-A's aperture setting on 22 which meant that most of my shots were underexposed.  Bummer.

TLDR: Check your aperture settings.

Quebec City

A waterfall taller than Niagara Falls and even more tourists. I had so much fun on this trip and shot 3 rolls of Lomography 35mm film. The meter had some issues with the mist and the whiteness of the snow and ice. 

Look how close those ants are to being swept away? For a cheap Russian 35mm camera, the exposure is pretty good. Setting the film ISO is can be a challenge - especially if your model is Russian and uses DIN. 

TLDR: Check your film speed settings. 



A roll of black and white 35mm film and the 22nd floor of the first skyscraper designed by a francophone Canadian. Elegance.  Zone focusing can be a challenge with the Lomo LC-A because it can be hard to translate the pictograms to actual distances. The photo below is a great example of missing the focus. 

TLDR: Focus can be tricky. Is the subject of your photo one or two people away? 

New York City

The city that never sleeps welcomes cliches and little 35mm film cameras that will fit in your pocket. I bribed the front desk with a bag of Lindt chocolate so I could have an amazing view from my window. 

I schlepped the Lomo LC-A all over the city and it was way more fun having a pocket camera than a 35mm SLR or rangefinder. It also doesn't look like a dSLR and therefore doesn't raise suspicion when you sneak it into places you shouldn't. 

 JapanCameraHunter Streepan 400 35mm film in Lomo LC-A on high line. 

TLDR: The best camera is the one you actually take with you and shoot. 

Lomo LC-A TIps

Check your batteries. 

Check your aperture.

Check your film settings.

Check your focus.

Take your camera with you everywhere.