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rollei redbird

If you love to experiment with film photography, you will love Rollei Redbird. The redscale film will put a beautiful red tint onto your photographic world.


Use film photography to teach your kids the alphabet.

3 of 3. Things nameless, which in passing so, Do stroke us with a subtle grace For #whpmystery. Leica M6 + Portra 400 + @indiefilmlab #film #shotwithfilm #shootfilm #istillshootfilm #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #leica #m6 #leicam6 #35mm #kodakfilm #portra #indiefilmlab @leica_camera #silhouette #nightphotography #whitagram

A photo posted by Jill Futter (@jillfutter) on


Kodakchrome slides of Vermont the way it never was!

Celebrate film photography by doing it all wrong!

It is time to develop film in the wrong chemicals!

redscale film

That time I got to use an incredibly rare type of film.

That time I got lost looking for a really cool ski area with some frozen instax film.

Get ready to overcome the slow icy oppression of February by exploring the beauty of redscaled film.


You sure can but there are things you should know before you attempt it.

Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris kills off film BW400CN.


Photographer Matthew Cetta creates incredible images using photographic film modified with household chemicals.

Providence Polaroid Project has been selected by PopUp Providence to install a temporary Polaroid camera shop, instant film gallery, and participatory portrait studio in Downcity Providence.

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